Be so good they can’t ignore you

This wordpress media now is becoming not only my writing place but also a place to train my next two language. Because as you can see from my writing how bad i am in english now, so that i need to make a lot of writing to improve my english. And besides now i’m also learning german as the second ones.  D*mn it. The more i try to write in english, the more this german things come to my mind.

Yep. That’s enough.



is now becoming a reason why i am here writing this. Pardon me for my very very bad english. I feel so frustated now. Indeed. *keep writing rin*

Someone important for me is now ignoring me for some reasons. He keeps ignoring till i-don’t-know-time. While he’s keeping to ignore me, i’m planning to be so good. I think, maybe he’s the first one that ignores me but then i keep wondering, later i’ll be ignored by another.

No. I’m not that complicated to think about some random people, but it could be another important person that try to ignore me. To prevent that happen, then i’m planning to be so good.

This could be my reminder everytime i feel down then i can take a look to this and remind my self to be so good again.

Ok. Das ist genug. Bitte gib mir einen Moment, Deutsch zu schreiben. Entschuldigung. Aber ich werde nur einige Sätze auf Deutsch schreiben. Und ich bin nicht so gut und fliesend auch, aber ich muss viele Übung machen. Je mehr ich Übung mache, desto besser schreibe ich Deutsch.

Meiner Meinung nach ist hier ein gutes Lied.  Hier ist das Lied des Films “Mondscheinkinder”, der my Lieblingsfilm ist.


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